improve efficiency

reduce waste

make savings.


Airbond makes splicers of unique form and function, specially developed for use in the manufacture of all forms of traditional and modern textiles. We have a particular expertise in the field of carpet yarn splicing, and our range of carpet yarn splicers - the 101, 102, 103, 104, and 105, are industry-leading.

Textiles manufacture is expensive; waste is costly, and machine down-time is disruptive. Airbond's new splicers reduce waste at all stages of manufacture. Their greatest benefit is in making splices connecting bobbin to bobbin, ensuring continuity of production. There is no need to halt the production process when bobbins run out, or when the fabric specification needs to be changed.

Airbond has established a world lead, by developing splicers to meet the challenging requirements of the textiles industry. We remain committed to research; we know that the industry will continue to expand and change. Airbond will continue to develop new and better splicers, building on our existing knowledge to provide even greater capability for our customers.