What technical support does our company offer to customers?

Through long experience, we are aware that customers may need support when making purchasing decisions, or when inexperienced in servicing matters. Support is available in a number of forms - for example:

  • site visits by our representative at customer's premises
  • site visits by customers at our premises
  • splicing trials conducted at our premises, with or without the presence of the customer
  • technical advice, by communication with us via telephone, fax, or email
  • technical advice, by the use of product-specific material resident on this website
  • supply of relevant literature

In the case of support within the UK, site visits will be made more-or-less on demand, so that a joint understanding of the local situation can be reached, and an agreed technical plan developed.

In the case of support for overseas markets, the first point of contact should be our local agent, if there is one in place. In most cases, local advice will be sufficient.

Occasionally, the nature of the enquiry will be sufficiently technical that input will be required from the UK office. In that situation, a three-way communication will be established between customer, agent, and the UK office, until a solution is reached.

In certain circumstances, our representatives will make a visit to the customer's site, to conduct a formal programme of training, involving off-line tuition in a lecture room or other neutral environment. This will be timed, if the customer wishes, to take place at a shift-change, so that two groups of operators can be taught simultaneously. There may be a small charge for this service - it depends on the times and distances involved.

We can lay on a formal course, for any reasonable number of people, and for any reasonable time, on our premises. Clearly, travelling and accommodation expenses will be the responsibility of the customer. In addition, there will be a charge for the instruction programme.