Model 1-11

Our market research identified the need for a family of yarn splicers which would be stronger, more reliable, and simpler to maintain than existing products. A development programme led to the Model 1-11 splicer, which sets a new standard as an effective and user-friendly tool for continuous-filament synthetics and low-count glass fibre. The 1-11 has been designed to be as uncomplicated as possible, with a simple, durable body structure. The splicer is tough and reliable, and is particularly simple to repair.

The Airbond 1-11 splicer incorporates improved splicing chambers and a new, adjustable cutting system. It has a modular design, with a single standardised base unit. By adding accessories, the user can choose between twelve different forms of the Model 1-11, and can convert from one form to another in minutes, if required.

Typical applications: Filament winding, pultrusion
Splice format: Ends opposed (see technical section)
Yarns: Continuous filament nylon, polyester, aramid, Dyneema, glass
Yarn counts: 10 tex to 1000 tex
Twist: low twist levels

111 Series splicers are available in six forms, according to which accessories are chosen by the user.