High performance yarns (Aramid, Dyneema, Nomex, etc.)

Another section of this website deals with aspects of splicing associated with very large yarns. High performance yarns such as aramid are usually of much lower count - typically 200 tex, rather than 4800. However, they share one characteristic with very big yarns - they are difficult to cut. Modern high-performance technical yarns cause cutters to go blunt quickly when used repeatedly. Poor cutting results in poor splicing.

Airbond have addressed this issue in three ways – either of which can be chosen, according to the environment:

  • The Models 110, 113 and 114, with no automatic cutters, are immune to the problems of deterioration of knife performance.
  • Our large, electronically controlled splicer, the Airbond Model 121, and its simpler counterpart, the Model 122, both incorporate a radical new cutting system.
  • The remaining Airbond products have all been fitted with tungsten carbide tipped cutters – a feature which greatly prolongs cutter life.