Fine glass

Occasionally, there is a requirement to produce reliable splices in fine glass fibres (typical count 300 tex). Glass is difficult to splice at any count, because it is very brittle and weak in bending. However, certain aspects of the design of the Airbond Model 111 make it very well suited to the splicing of finer glass counts; in particular:

  • It uses a very straight string-up.
  • It is able to operate efficiently at very low pressures, sometimes down to 2.5 bar.

The Airbond Model 111 is the ideal choice for fine glass yarns, and is suitable for the range 300 to 8000 dtex - 30 to 800 tex.

Above 800 – 1000 tex, there will be a transition between the Model 111 and other splicers in the Airbond range, which can handle counts up to around 15,000 tex.