Airbond is a range of products from the GTW Developments Group. Since its formation in 1997, GTW has been devoted to creating new forms of pneumatic yarn splicer, and the company has now created the award-winning range of Airbond splicers. These offer a unique combination of high performance, simplicity and strength.

Airbond splicers maintain our long-standing reputation for leading-edge technical innovation, for manufacturing the highest-quality products, and for offering the highest standards of customer service.

Airbond splicers are the product of years of research and development, aimed at improving technology and reliability. We strive continuously to make our products better yet simpler. Our customers get improved durability, reduced downtime, reduced parts inventory, and reduced cost.

Airbond has a philosophy of commitment to unmatched customer support, through maintaining excellent customer relations, founded on quality, communication, honesty and openness.

We have introduced a range of splicers tailored to the needs of the emerging composites supply chain. These splicers address the difficult problem of joining yarns such as glass fibre and carbon fibre, making bonds which have low profile and high strength.